Hello! I'm Sang!

Wanna know more?

Korean University student and CEO of Oddblox.  How did i got up to this point?  Well, Time to find out!

A little bit of my story

Born in 2004, i was naturally curious about the world.
Which lead me to adventure outside my comfort zone more than my coevals
And gave me strength to venture through hardships.

I always desire to do above and beyond just for the sake of it. 
Which made me end up as a CEO of Oddblox and helped me to get a scholarship at national university.

As a teen i always imagined what i should do with my time.  As a adult i found out that to best spend my times i should spend it with the ones that matter and help each other.  

Skills and interests


  • Graduated High School
  • Studying for Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Engineering at National University.


  • To be Added.

My experience so far


  • Familiar with C Programming Language
  • Familiar with basic Linux commands
  • Light understanding in Rust and OOP


  • Student at National University.
  • CEO at Oddblox.